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Monday, March 29, 2010



Economics slides

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These lecture notes have been generously provided by Pearson Education and are a small selection of the resources available on the CD-Rom that accompanies the following books: Economics (5th edition), Essentials of Economics (3rd edition) and The Economic Environment of Business (1st edition), all by John Sloman, and Economics for Business (3rd edition) by John Sloman and Mark Sutcliffe.
Each presentation builds up as a series of PowerPoint slides and gives full information on all the areas covered by that chapter of the book. The presentations are suitable for PowerPoint Versions 97, 2000, XP and 2003. Select the presentation that you would like to download, though do be aware that some of the files are quite large. If you have any problems downloading the presentations then try right clicking on the links and choosing the 'Save As' option. If you do not have PowerPoint then you may like to downloadMicrosoft's PowerPoint Viewer, which will allow you to view PowerPoint presentations.

Supply and demand [921 KB]Economics: Chapter 2
Supply and demand and government intervention in the market [2 MB]Economics: Chapter 3
Background to demand [876 KB]Economics: Chapter 4
Background to supply [1.1 MB]Economics: Chapter 5
Imperfect competition [729 KB]Economics: Chapter 7
Inequality and the redistribution of income [1.1 MB]Economics: Chapter 10
Markets, efficiency and the public interest [996 KB]Economics: Chapter 11
Applied microeconomics [808 KB]Economics: Chapter 12
Unemployment and inflation [960 KB]Economics: Chapter 14
The roots of modern macroeconomics [480 KB]Economics: Chapter 16
Short-run macroeconomic equilibrium [869 KB]Economics: Chapter 17
Relationship between money and goods markets [928 KB]Economics: Chapter 19
Fiscal and monetary policy [1.2 MB]Economics: Chapter 20
Aggregate supply, unemployment and inflation [888 KB]Economics: Chapter 21
Long-term economic growth and supply-side policies [992 KB]Economics: Chapter 22
Economic problems of developing countries [537 KB]Economics: Chapter 26
Some techniques of economics analysis [733 KB]Economics: Appendix

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