Lecture Notes For All: FOURIER TRANSFORMS.



Thursday, May 27, 2010



  1. Fourier_handouts.ppt Very good for class. Introduction and examples.
  2. Basic Lecture about Fourier Transform. Slides in PDF.
  3. Fourier Transform Lecture in PPT. Frequency analysis: a powerful tool. A tour of Fourier Transform. Continuous Fourier Series. Discrete Fourier Series. Example: DFS by DDC and DSP.
  4. Discrete Frauenhofer / Fourier and Fresnel Transforms. Lecture with sound in PPT.
  5. L03Systemtheory.ppt Review of FFT. Plane waves. Good lecture.
  6. Lecture22a.ppt Lecture on DFT, FFT and codes.
  7. PyramidsandTexture.ppt Fourier Transform in Image Processing. Advanced but easy to understand.
  8. Lectures on FFT and DFT. chapter10part1.ppt
  9. Slides. PDF. Fourier analysis.
  10. Good slides. FFT made easy. PPT.
  11. Pueschel et al. NSF project. Automatic Generation of Customized Discrete Fourier Transform IPs. Slides in PPT.
  12. Dr. Ju from Sharp. Research Paper. Equivalent Relationship and Unified Indexing of FFT Algorithms. 00393828.pdf
  13. Dr. Ju from Sharp. Algorithm of defining 1-D Indexing for M-D Mixed Radix FFT Implementation. 00407316.pdf
  14. Paper from Sharp. Adaptive Equalization of WACS in Time-Dispersive, Fading, Multipath Channels. 00504833.pdf
  15. Research. Radar Backscatter analysis using fractional Fourier Transform. 01330627.pdf
  16. Fourier_tra.pdf Fourier Transform. Singularity functions. Spectral Density function. Parseval's Theorem for Energy Signals. Fourier Transforms of some signals. Some FFT properties. Coordinate scaling. Frequency Shifting (Modulation).
  17. GraphicsHardware2003.ppt The FFT on GPU. Graphics Hardware 2003. FFT review. FFT techniques. Implementation. Results.
  18. Lecture11.ppt Fourier transform Theory.
  19. Lecture2.pdf Complexity. Fourier Analysis. Applications. Fourier Transform. Discrete Fourier Transform. Fourier Transform Algorithm. FFT. FFT Algorithm. Illustration. Comparison. Complexity of FFT. FFT and bit-shifts. Matrix-Vector multiplication. Fields. Potentials. Examples of fields. Factorization Middle Man Method. Global Factorization. Factorization Trick. Reduction of Complexity. Middleman Scheme. Far Field and near field. Local (regular) expansion. Local expansion of a regular potential. Local expansion of a singular potential.
  20. Libraries.ppt Parallel Libraries and Parallel I/O for DFT etc.
  21. Moustakides.ppt Application of FFT. Eigen-decomposition of a class of infinite dimensional tridiagonal matrices.
  22. The generation of Ultrashort Laser Pulses. Slides in PPT.
  23. Research Paper. Application specific architecture for transforms based on the successive doubling method. Paper in PDF.
  24. Fourier and Convolution in Image Processing. PPT slides.
  25. lecture3.ppt Introduction to reciprocal space. Fourier Transforms. Some simple functions. Area and zero frequency components. 2-Dimensions. Separable. Central Slice theorem. Spatial frequencies. Filtering. Mudulation Transfer Function.
  26. Multiscale Transforms: wavelets, ridgelets, curvels. in PPT format.
  27. External Second Gate, Fourier Transform Ion Mobility Spectrometry: iNext Generation Ion Mobility Spectrometer. PPT slides.
  28. Fourier Transform and its applications. Lecture slides in PPT. Good examples. Graphics

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